Social Science and Many-Worlds Interpretation

Social science and many worlds interpretation blog article

Women are the ‘weak’ and men the ‘superior’ sex; The political system is the system within society where decisions are made; Knowledge workers get paid better than labor workers; Eating animal is ‘normal’; The world and society can only exist with capitalism; …

… or could it be different? – The short answer is: Yes! The long answer is linked to the basic task of social science: To expose stereotypes and unmask not reflected patterns of human behavior.

The Courage of Moving Somewhere

Within this post I’ll describe the courage of moving somewhere as I understand it. Take some time to not only read this post, but to make up your own thoughts about it and use your findings to come up with some personal conclusions and maybe even actions. Two years ago – the year I turned 20 years old – I already thought that I had seen pretty much everything and that I knew where my life will go to in the future. … Read more

The Reason I’m Doing a Second Bachelor…

…is not explained in two short sentences. But let me try anyway to give you some insights on my decision. After I made my decision public a lot of people asked me why I’m doing this and what I can work as a “Sociologist”? I learned that the way I’m going is not a common one, which leads to a lot of questions, confusion and sometimes even to a lack of comprehension.

My Trip to Vienna in June

I have been in Vienna from 16.06 to 19.06 to enroll myself at university and check out the city for the first time. In this post I’ll tell you about my trip and the impressions I had. Find a gallery with some photos at the bottom. To avoid any complications or delays I checked in online prior to arriving at the airport. Nevertheless the security check area for my terminal was shut down totally and there … Read more

My Vegan Journey

“I care about animals!” That’s what I used to believe and tell people really often in the past 10 years of my life. In review this turned out to be a big mistake. “It’s horrible what happens to this pets in shelters all over the world” …was another famous sentence of mine in the time I used to consider myself an omnivore. Sentences like these and the maxim behind them are not only my ‘problem’ but match for most … Read more